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What about the Carer`s / Caregivers? Posted Aug 19, 2017 By admin

As I was getting dressed this morning my darling Angel Elaine wrapped her arms around me from the back and said “Not one of your

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Key`s To The past ? Dementia Posted Jul 23, 2017 By admin

As i finished taking the garden rubbish around the back i sat on my patio and went to put my keys back into my pocket

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THE SHADOWS THAT DANCE Posted Jul 21, 2017 By admin

The Shadows that dance The other day whilst in a shop with Elaine i was feeling very uneasy as if i was being watched, sometimes

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SANDS OF TIME Posted Jul 11, 2017 By admin

Sands of Time The sands of time pass us by, The months and years seem to fly, One day youth runs through our veins, The

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DEMENTIA MISDIAGNOSIS ? Posted Jul 11, 2017 By admin

I personally believe that many many people out there are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s type dementia when they actually have Lewy bodys dementia, its just easier

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A Far Away Place Posted Jul 04, 2017 By admin

Last night i traveled to a far away place, a place i had never been before and yet familiar, except this time it was at

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