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Such is dementia`s world Posted Sep 22, 2017 By admin

SUCH IS DEMENTIA`S WORLD As I walk through the street, I am there, yet I am not, You see me, even hear me, yet I

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SONG of Thank`s Written by person LIVING with Dementia, plz RT Posted Sep 09, 2017 By admin

This is YOUR Chance to say THANK YOU to anyone who has ever cared for someone whilst they are ill or have been ill. We

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Dark days, Darker nights Posted Sep 05, 2017 By admin

As I walked through Newton Abbot yesterday I felt my legs getting heavier, but the most disturbing thing was my head was getting even heavier.

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Sat 9th Sept 2017 Song for ALL CARERS/ Caregivers Posted Sep 04, 2017 By admin

Hiya, here are a few words and some info about the new song I have written which is out this Saturday, it’s dedicated to each

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Last Major Speaking Conference Posted Aug 23, 2017 By admin

To ALL….. This will my last Major Conference appearance sadly due to illness and as you can see by the Itinerary below, Former Newsreader Martin

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END OF LIFE CARE Posted Aug 22, 2017 By admin

END OF LIFE CARE ….. PLEASE READ AND SHARE Hiya all, last week I had a conversation with a wonderful care home manager about our

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