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Global Purple Angel Dementia Campaign 4 years old today Posted Nov 16, 2017 By admin

HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY PURPLE ANGEL !!!! Global Purple |Angel Dementia campaign is 4 years old THIS MONTH This is just “””SOME””” of what we have

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Dementia and fishing Posted Nov 15, 2017 By admin

So, there I sat this morning when I remembered I hadn’t finished ready my monthly Fishing magazine called…. ” Improve Your Coarse Fishing” Oct 24th

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Posted Nov 13, 2017 By admin

BREAKING NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LADIES ANNNND GENTLEMEN !!!!! May I introduce the NEWLY ADOPTED PURPLE ANGEL PONIES + Shire horse Kavanar — Shire horse PONIES …………………………..

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DEMENTIA 10 years on-Where do we go from here ? Posted Nov 13, 2017 By admin

DEMENTIA 10 YEARS ON “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE” It’s without a doubt, that the last ten years regarding awareness about Dementia has been

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Dementia A TROUBLED MIND Posted Nov 10, 2017 By admin

A TROUBLED MIND A Troubled mind before nights slumber, Only adds to dementia`s thunder, A good nights sleep is all I ask, Before I wake

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Dementia ” I wish you peace forever more Posted Nov 08, 2017 By admin

I wish you peace forever more An aching arm, a bitten tongue, That’s how I knew, something was wrong, Tired eyes, Throbbing head, An awful

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