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Posted Jan 19, 2018 By admin

DEMENTIA, SUNDOWNING RAW AND UNFORGIVING I wish the darkness would never come, I wish the day would stay forever light, I sit and dread the

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Purple Angel Memory cafe THREE YEARS OLD Posted Jan 12, 2018 By admin

When I first walked into a memory cafe, many years ago now, I sat there for 15 mins, looked around and said “This is not

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Dementia ? The future is with our YOUTH Posted Jan 10, 2018 By admin

OUR FUTURE IS OUR YOUNG ONES Hi all, so proud to say I have just finished signing 41, yes that’s…….. FORTY-ONE!! YOUNG PURPLE ANGEL AMBASSADORS

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Dementia Board Game could be a game changer Posted Jan 09, 2018 By admin

Its VERY RARE i say this but i really do think THIS is going to be a game changer for people like carers, nurses, health

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I WONDER ? ….. Posted Jan 04, 2018 By admin

I Wonder??………….. How can someone be lonely With so many friends? The emptiness inside, Where will it end, The feeling of guilt, Yet done nothing

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2018 The Year we Tell The truth About dementia Posted Jan 03, 2018 By admin

Telling the truth About dementia comes in many ways and sometimes not always about the horrors of it, which is something I hope to explain

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