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BREAKING NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


May I introduce the NEWLY ADOPTED PURPLE ANGEL PONIES + Shire horse

Kavanar — Shire horse

PONIES …………………………..

Dipsybell — So Cute and so small

William — So proud

SIR Didymus — Just Gorgeous

LUDO — Incredible Pony

Just received confirmation of this today and have now signed the agreement. To say we are pleased to help highlight the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Devon is a HUGE Understatement as it opens so many doors for both them and us. They will get so much out of it as we intend to show the ponies at schools, care homes summer fetes etc. They will receive donations to keep the sanctuary going and we, in turn, will be able to educate all about why they are called Purple Angel ponies and distribute information about dementia. This way we all win by helping each other.

We will be ordering coats etc very soon for them all, can’t wait to see them in those (Angela Downing Becky Coleman Richards) but in the meantime, this is the letter i have just received and please click on the link and take a look at these beautiful animals, Hope you are all as pleased as we are , we want to, in the future, involve all with disabilities, so exciting !!

Letter as follows

Hi Norrms,

Just to say that it has all been approved and that I will be sending out an agreement that we need you to sign in order to make it official on Monday.

I will then get the rug sizes for the 5 ponies and send over to you. Do you need me to send you an adoption form or did you take one with you?

I am so glad that this is going to go ahead as feel that it will work really well for both Purple Angel and the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

I know that our Press Officer is very excited about this so I expect you will be hearing from her in due course.

Wishing you and Elaine a great weekend ahead,

Best Wishes,

Sally Page
Head of Education
The Mare and Foal Sanctuary

Please click on this link to see pics xxxxxxxx

New Adoption Packages – with even more pony paraphernalia

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