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Questions to be asked at the point of Early Diagnosis ?

NUMBER 1. AND the most important thing to remember out of all things is, as you wait for your first appointment re-diagnosis, ALWAYS ALWAYS make a second appointment in TWO weeks time as you will go home that night and think of a THOUSAND MORE questions to ask, I PROMISE you this will happen, so please make your second appointment whilst waiting.

2. Always write down the questions you want to ask before you go in, go through them methodically and ask everyone in turn, do not be hurried by Dr looking at their watch, this is YOUR TIME, not theirs

3. When diagnosed with a Type of dementia always ask ” How do they know its that Type of dementia, how have they come to that conclusion and what is the difference between that type of dementia and other types. This is So INCREDIBLY Important when it comes to medication.

4. NEXT STEPS Ask what are your next steps, ask what support groups are out there, advice groups, memory cafes, memory groups, lunch clubs, anything going on where you can sit down with others and share your experiences.

5. Ask which is the nearest CARERS club, how do you join, is there a carers magazine you can be sent, a Carer who specializes in dementia at the surgery, a sort of dementia lead, if the carer is ill who looks after the carer?

6. Find out who is the dementia lead at your nearest hospital, do you have dementia-friendly wards (ours at Torbay are all Purple Angel accredited dementia aware)

7. Ask if the FAB team (Financial advice bureau UK only) ) can come around and see you, so to help you sort out your finances.

8. Ask about direct payments (UK ONLY) so you and you alone decide on which carers/care company you have

9. Ask what OUT OF HOURS team there is and their PHONE NUMBER, you may very well need them at some point

10. And last BUT NOT LEAST, in this year of ” TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMENTIA, ask the Dr`s, community psychiatrists or Consultants what will happen unless a cure is found, when they get to later stages, DO NOT BE OUT OFF with, oh we don’t really know, or everybody is different, ask them to tell you the WORST CASE SCENARIO, but only if you wish too, remember you don’t have too, but its there if you want too .

Norrms mc Namara diagnosed 9 yrs ago with dementia
I really hope this helps in this year of


Let’s tell the truth About dementia

Please share to all dementia groups

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