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Telling the truth About dementia comes in many ways and sometimes not always about the horrors of it, which is something I hope to explain about now.

Most elderly people, as they get older have dentures, so mouth disease isn’t as prevalent, but some don’t, and those that don’t often suffer from such diseases. Then, along comes DEMENTIA and it all turns into a different ball game. The reason being, when people go into later stages and are unable to explain how their mouth pain, or even worse their toothache is affecting them it can become a major problem!!!

Imagine having a toothache, and not being able to tell anybody, how awful would that be? But i am afraid to say it can get worse !! Nobody but nobody feels like eating when their mouth is hurting and most times won’t drink either because the drink is either too hot or too cold.


I will first apologise to my overseas friends as I don’t think this is available anywhere else apart from the UK, but DID YOU KNOW there are dentists that will come out to you ??? If so, well done, if not ?? NEITHER DID I till very recently.

If you phone your NHS dentist hotline or whatever they call it these days and explain that your loved one, Souse, partner etc is unable to go to the dentists themselves for very obvious reasons, in certain circumstances they will come out to see them in their own home. now, I know my dentist friends won’t like me for saying this, but I think this is a very underutilised service by the NHS and the benefits could be enormous, why? Because if its the toothache and not dementia that’s stopping them eating then once fixed the more food, liquids the person with dementia gets the better they will feel and that’s not counting being pain-free!!! WHO WOULDNT WANT THAT FOR A LOVED ONE !! So go on, Give them a ring !!!!!

I hope this helps and please look out for my weekly YOUTUBE 2018 TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMENTIA piece starting this week

best wishes, Norrms, Diagnosed with dementia 9 years ago

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