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In a few moths it will be TEN YEARS,
When my heart was broken and along came the tears,
It was the beginning of dementia`s reign,
That invaded my body, my life, my brain,

TEN long years have now gone by,
We have laughed, loved, and sometimes cried,
I’ve made so many friends along the way,
But also lost so many, almost every day,

This disease is the cruelest of all
Upsetting so many and making them fall,
The time has come for me to say,
I`m getting more tired every day,

More confused, frustrated and fraught,
With mixed up words, and tempers, sometimes fraught,
We have come so far in the last ten year`s,
Despite the critics and the fears,

I have no doubt this will continue to be,
Even with, or without me,
I need to spend time with my ANGEL Elaine,
Before my time on earth begins to wane,

Purple Angel will be remembered for ever,
With friendships made that you can`t sever,
So I may not be around as much,
But will always try to keep in touch,

Will take a further step back just after WRAD,
But after 10 years it can’t be bad,
I want to go fish, and on holiday too,
Without worrying about what next to do,

So for now dear friends, I will say goodbye,
No more tears or reason to cry

Norrms Mc Namara (Diagnosed with dementia nine and bit years ago) aged just 50

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  • Jacqueline cox February 27, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    Oh Norm what are we going to do without your good morning to cheer us as we start our day
    But you have done so much for so many it is your time to have with your family now so good luck my friend and who knows I may even be able to set my day nav for Torquay bless you both all my love Jacky xxxxxx


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