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It’s without a doubt, that the last ten years regarding awareness about Dementia has been an incredible success. All major Dementia organizations have upped their game and brought it to the forefront of everybody’s mind. We have had TV commercials, Government Initiatives, mentioned and represented at the WHO (World health organization) dementia friendly communities and memory cafes etc appearing everywhere and so much more. Never before has an illness, that was whispered about for so many years, is now being discussed honestly and openly, so,


The age-old chicken or the egg question IE do we put money into research to find a cure ? or a Cause? Question is still on everybody’s lips and both are so IMPORTANT, but for me ?? its the middle bit that’s often forgotten……

What about the people who are actually living with it and their families affected by it??

For me, this is one of the most important questions of all that needs to be addressed. Money for research into Cure or Cause runs into the millions of £s $ss so we will leave that to those who are qualified to negotiate things like this (You see we all have our part to play my friends) but in the meantime? What about those in the middle?

FACT !! We know there is no money About!!

FACT!! The future of the economy is a little unsure at the moment to say the very least

FACT !! There is no magic wand or wizards spell that’s going to make all things better

And yet FACT!! When good honest people come together, get together, and realise there is so much can be done by hard work, dedication and the only rewards you receive is the satisfaction of helping a fellow human being in distress, great things can happen and do happen. So my advice, for what its worth, is we should go


Back to the days where we put People before |profit, where we looked after each other and where people worried about someone else’s welfare rather than what they were having for tea that day or wearing that night !!! yes we have lost our way a little, we all do from time to time, but its not impossible to regain that community spirit once again and with gusto. I live in a small town in Devon UK called Torquay. I hear every day that the “Community Spirit” has been lost here? I would vehemently shout ” NO It’s NOT!! Because if you look close enough at what going on, how many community groups there are here in Torbay and how many people are being helped on a daily basis, you would realise straight away that the “Community Spirit ” is living and breathing in many many people, and I would bet if you looked hard enough in your town /city/ village it will be the same.

This is what we did, We created a steering group that was non-political and drew up a plan of action that would cost next to nothing to do (Yes it is possible), We held a meeting at a free venue, invited all and sundry, Councils, police, hospitals, care companies etc and explained what we wanted them all to do and join in with. It wasn’t until the end of the meeting that we realized we didn’t even have any money for paper to print the minutes on !! So we put a fruit bowl in the middle of the room and asked people there to dig deep. That was Eight years ago now and the birth of the Torbay Dementia Action Alliance was born, which in turn, went on to become what is now known as the Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign and are now recognized in 55 Countries around the world and have 750 Purple Angel dementia ambassador Globally”

To do all this on a shoestring is possible, we have proved this, to achieve things you thought you never could without applying for funding CAN BE DONE !! But please don’t forget, every year there is thousands of pounds of funding going to waste because it’s not being claimed for, so please claim it, that’s what it’s there for, if you don’t, then they will think it’s not needed and reduce the funding they award each year.

So, please let’s get back to basics, let’s start opening our doors to each other, let’s start talking together, but most importantly lets START WORKING TOGETHER!!

They say politeness causes nothing ? and its so true it doesn’t!!

And neither do ACTS OF KINDNESS, my friends, so please get together, form a group, talk about how is the best way to put your plans into practice and how it can be done with very little money, you will be so surprised at what you can achieve.

Thank you for reading this~

Norrms Mc Namara

Founder of Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign

OR?? become one of our very own Ambassadors and let’s see if we can make it to the ONE THOUSAND MARK

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