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So many residents/ clients/patients, loved ones these days come from different backgrounds and overseas places that as they get older they sometimes revert to their native language, or for some its the only language they speak. This can lead to so much confusion in care homes, care facilities, hospitals and at home and can sometimes lead to something being missed or lost in translation.

The solution to this is actually at your fingertips !!

Most of us own a smartphone these days on which you can download an app called


(i am told these are free but if you buy its stops you being bombarded by adverts ?? still at least they’re

Can you just imagine the benefits of being to understand almost every word from your clients and more importantly being able to help them when they are trying to tell you they are in pain, have a toothache, are cold or hungry??? Within seconds you will be able to help them.

Also how good would it be that you could tell them yourselves that you understand, will take care of them, reassure them and put their mind at peace by having your words translated and played to them>

If this is widely used already please let me know, i am just a mere mortal lol, but if not, WHY NOT ??

“”A conversation with a stranger to become a friend is just a click away “”

Purple Angel, always here to help


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