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Trying to get the attention of Gp`s (Doctors) is like Herding Cats FACT!!

We have come so far my friends in the last ten years, make no mistake, so very far, and yet, “SOME” of the Gps, Doctors still close the doors on us, and before you (the Drs start) we are ALL BUSY!! NOT JUST YOU !!!

So what do I mean??

I could mention lots of things but one I remember well is when a small dementia conference was held and it was all designed around Gp`s so they could attend and guess what ?? NOT A ONE TURNED UP !! The room was packed with professionals from the health service bus at for Gps ?? not a one !!

I have stood at many conferences since and asked how many GP`s are there? And SILENCE!! This has to stop!! We have dementia organisations around the UK asking to meet these GP`s and they are being told “Make an appointment with the Practice Manager, ERRR EXCUSE ME??

Its YOU, we want to see ITS YOU, we want to talk too, it’s YOU we want to hear from at Conferences!! Why do you see yourselves different from the rest? We have met so many people from the health service, from such hard-working nurses right up to the health secretary, and yet ?? From “SOME” Dr`s ? NOTHING

isn’t it about time you JOINED the TEAM?? About time you stepped forward and got involved in the fight against dementia! I have met in my nine years’ or so of having this disease only a handful of general practitioners who have stepped up to the mark, spoke at conferences or contacted us to say “HOW CAN WE HELP “”

Come and talk to us,


Norrms Mc Namara
Diagnosed with dementia
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Please share, especially with all GP`s you know

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