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Hiya all, last week I had a conversation with a wonderful care home manager about our Purple Angel MP3 players that assist people with Dementia to remember to eat and drink and we have also found they are interacting with others now much better.

She explained to me how one person, who was bedridden, at end of life and wasn’t expected to last very long. She then told me about how they found out they were a huge Elvis fan, played some Elvis music in their room and watched in absolute amazement and they curled up their top lip, smiled and squeezed her hand as if to say Thank you.

(If I am very honest tears are falling as I write this and have already left my instructions for this to happen)

This once again goes to prove that even right at the end of life, and NOT just with Dementia, music has its benefits. Just imagine knowing you haven’t much time left, you are somewhere you don’t recognise, you’re frightened and feel so alone, when suddenly you hear your favourite music or (YOUR song that you and your wife/husband had, imagine HOW COMFORTING THAT WOULD BE. I have long campaigned and stated (In my humble opinion ) that there isn’t a Doctor in the whole wide world can tell us what those are hearing, seeing and feeling at End of life status and if this helps ease the worry, just a little, then what harm can it do.

So please, Please, if you know anybody at end of life, please play their favourite music to them to enjoy whilst they are still alive xxxxxxxxxxxx

Heres the poem I wrote about this, I know some may have already read it but this is what I was thinking about at the time, it’s just that the poem popped into my head first


You cannot hear me, but I can hear you,
I listen to all, that you say and you do,
I may not move much, apart from flicker my eyes,
But that doesn’t mean, I don’t hear your cries,
Who was it that told you, I can’t hear what you say,
Or watch what you do, every day?
Who said such things? What nonsense is this?
I feel your every touch, and loving kiss,
They have no idea, what I see or I hear,
Watching you weep, counting the tears,
There isn’t a Doctor, in this big old world,
That can say my brain, has totally unfurled,
So may I please ask, on each every day
If my favourite music, will you kindly play,
Music from youth, or OUR favourite song,
The memories of this, will last the day long,
And when I finally put, my head down to sleep,
Our favourite tune, I will always keep

Norrms Diagnosed with dementia 9 years ago aged 50

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