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Global Purple |Angel Dementia campaign is 4 years old THIS MONTH

This is just “””SOME””” of what we have achieved, with more to come very soon I hope (Fingers Crossed ) apologies to those I have missed, and please share and i will be posting this on the 16th Nov 2017 as well

On the 16th November 2013 at The Palace Hotel with Laurence Kelly’s help, the first 50 Purple Angels were welcomed, some travelling miles to be there on the day and with fabulous Skype links to other countries!


NHS NEWS !!!!!!!! TORBAY HOSPITAL TORQUAY becomes FIRST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD To become DEMENTIA AWARE under the Global Purple Angel Dementia awareness scheme !!!

There are over 6,500 employee`s at Torbay General |Hospital and 92 % of them from Cleaners To Cheif executives have undergone Purple Angel awareness training on various levels to achieve this. We were sensible enough to realise that because of the transition of staff a 100% level would never be achievable but are so please to announce 92% Please contact me for details

Over the last 4 years, we have seen a huge amount of people joining us at Purple Angel. Admiral and dementia nurses as ambassadors care home managers, rock stars, people with dementia and carers, former carers who wish to raise awareness, Councillors, mayors, authors, teachers, and trainers. MPs and gerontologists, walking groups, Dementia Coalitions, Purple Angel Ponies and the wonderful USA Hospital Wristband project spreading to other hospitals. Funeral Care and many other businesses throughout the world taking part. We have seen Dementia advocates join together with people raising awareness in high streets, WI; U3A; Rotary Clubs; and other organizations. School children being educated and books explaining dementia both for adults and children. One young ambassador takes pride of place with Kid Caregivers! We have Memory Cafes established throughout the world.

Renowned people with dementia speaking up, blogs; radio shows; a dementia-friendly cruise; campsites; ambulance service and police; dementia friendly barber and dementia friendly restaurants.

Now in 55 countries around the world with over 750 ambassadors worldwide and more being added every day.

Dementia Aware on Facebook with nearly 21,000 members all supporting each other.

Please join us, day or night no matter where you are in the world on


A visit by Prince Edward to a Purple Angel memory cafe TORQUAY.

Not to mention all the high street shops and businesses from the USA to Australia now proudly displaying the PA logo and the many people involved with caring for people with dementia who are taking support from just knowing that the purple guardian angel is looking out for them.

Police stations all over South Devon display the Purple Angel logo and have read all the info as do every Stagecoach bus in the south west of the UK

We have people helping with families giving companionship’s and mentoring even karaoke! We have bloggers and radio shows taking place. A forward for a film made in Norway. Another film has been shown and presented to the Sundance Festival called “NORRMS “. We have a new care guide incorporating much of the work of an Oxford ambassador. Purple Angel ambassadors joining together and in some cases actually meeting up. All hard working and non- profit, raising awareness because they care.

From the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina through to North Colorado throughout the USA and Canada then over to Nigeria and South Africa, on to Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, New Zealand; India, Bangladesh; Nepal; Sri Lanka; France; Singapore; Zimbabwe; Romania; Slovenia; Indonesia, China, more recently in the last two weeks UGANDA and many many more.

Represented at regional and international conferences and connecting communities with other projects such as Christmas dinners, care home entertainment and drop in centers.
Hospice workers and global research advocates, pharmacies and churches have all become involved. We include activity coordinators and were even represented once at a care expo in China and at regional and international conferences too. Supported by ADI and many other Dementia organizations,

Not forgetting the HUGLEY POPULAR World Rocks Against Dementia “WRAD” now officially in its third year and growing globally every year !!

And YET ??The Purple Angel campaign is, unbelievably only 4 years old!

and if it wasn’t for Jane Moore doing a doodle of a purple Angel in the very beginning ??

Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about xxx

it’s been a busy FOUR years for us all !!!!

Heres to the next FOUR


Please click on this link, Norrms Mc Namara, Founder and diagnosed with dementia myself 9 years ago aged 50


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