Please share with EVERY Newspaper you know, TV Station, Radio Station, Facebook page, friend, dementia charity , care organisation, Carers, , Nurses, , Please Twitter this Link-den it,to every Music group / Band, Rock cafe/venue, pop star, actor, actress, Orchestra, Music company / producer, even Sir BOB Geldorf HIMSELF IF POSSIBLE !!! and whatever else you can do to get this out!!

Hello, My name is Norrms Mc Namara and i am Co founder of the Global Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign along with Jane Moore from Camelford Cornwall

Website in UK http://www.purpleangel-global.com/index.html

Website in USA https://www.alzheimersspeaks.com/purple-angel-project

I was also diagnosed with dementia myself seven years ago aged just 50 yrs old.Over the last four years or so we have achieved many things across the world regarding Dementia Awareness (Please see UK website) and still have much more to do. But on March 19th 2016 along with Wayne Mesker CEO and founder of Rock against dementia USA

Wayne Mesker
E-mail: Rockdementia@outlook.com


And the Wonderful Mark “Lenny ” Mc Coy from the fantastic Music Mill Newton Abbot, Devon UK

website https://www.facebook.com/themusicmill1?fref=ts

(who are going to have a HUGE impact on how this will roll next march, so very grateful to all involved so far!! )

we would like to hold the WORLDS Biggest Dementia awareness raising event the World has ever seen . We have called this the WORLD ROCK AGAINST DEMENTIA EVENT but as you know “Rock” is just a cool word for any type of music which can be played on March 19th 2016 no matter where in the world you are at any event you can organise. We already have six or seven different Countries involved in this and really want to get as may Charities, organisations, venues (Free) and bands to join in with this as possible as well as the worlds media and we also hope to streamline from at least 10 Different countries if possible.

The world needs to know we are ALL standing up against this awful disease, its not a case of US and THEM in any walk of life, its not about who comes first or second, or who is better than who, its about us all joining together, if only for one day and showing the world we are all UNITED in trying to beat this!!!

I am seven years into my diagnosis and i also lost my grandmother and Father to the awful disease of dementia, i am also nobody fool either and i know that a cure will probably come too late for me, but wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we can pull this off?? It will be no doubt 12 months in the making and thats the reason i am mailing you now. I do hope to hear from you very soon, very best wishes, Norrms Mc Namara
Pleaase contact me on
E mail norrms@gmail.com (Two RR`s )

or anybody above

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