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When I first walked into a memory cafe, many years ago now, I sat there for 15 mins, looked around and said “This is not for me” People were sat there, all in a square, which is no better than a circle, joined up tables and in front of them were children’s 6 piece jigsaws, crayons and drawing paper. there was no music, no interaction and just a lot of folks sat there looking confused and very bored. I was petrified that this is what I was facing at some point. Surely they all weren’t like this? Surely there as more life in some memory cafes than this? Sadly, after visiting two more in different areas, they weren’t that different, so I walked away, bemused and frustrated. it ate away at me for a long time. Later i did join a local one as a client/volunteer and tried to inject a bit of fun into it, a few songs and music, only to be told at a later date i wasn’t a REDCOAT from Butlins !!!

(I actually worked at Phwelli, Butlins in my youth bit wasn’t going to argue the point LOL )

This is the point where we walked away, we were disillusioned but mot beaten!!

NOW ?? Here we stand, and tomorrow our very own Purple Angel memory cafe celebrates its THREE YEAR Birthday and all that is down to the determination and hard work by my loving wife, my very own ANGEL Elaine, it’s her baby and we are all so very proud of her. She has been the driving force behind this, and she is the one who came home three years ago the last December and said


“I asked “WHAT WITH ?? “”

Elaine replied, “Don’t worry, I have it covered !! and she has ever since !!

So tomorrow, we stand, as always, as a team, and celebrate with friends the third birthday of the Purple Angel memory cafe and our thoughts, of course, will be of those we have met and lost because of this awful illness, but of also all those we have yet to meet and hopefully help.

Thank you all In Torbay and indeed, around the WORLD for all your support

ONWARDS AND UPWARDS my friend`s xxxxxxxxxx

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