TICK TOCK DEMENTIA Posted January 21, 2018 by admin


A a pic crying nurse


Tick tock, tick tock,
Time`s running out what can I do?,
Tick tock tick tock
Have I said all I need to say to you?

There will come a time
When the clock stops ticking,
When times run out,
And I stop kicking,

Have I seen all I want to see,
In this beautiful world, we live,
Have I I done all that I want to do?
And yet I have so much to give,

TICK TOCK tick tock
The clock still ticks,
But for how long now?
Will it be me that it picks?

When the clock stops ticking,
And my time is done,
I hope I have done enough
To pacify some

CC Norrms xxxxxxxxxxx

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