This morning`s meeting with Heads Torbay Hospital care Trust.

It was a good productive meeting which we chatted about things yet to finalise, and 3 or four objectives for the future.

Firstly the news we have been waiting for from the Hospital Trust …………

Nearly four years ago we set out to make Torbay Acute hospital with over 6,500 staff the first ever FULLY DEMENTIA AWARE HOSPITAL in the WORLD!! As you can imagine this was no mean feat and not easily achieved, hence the length of time. Because of the fluency of staff, we, and the trust, decided that if we reached 90% of all staff from Cleaners, Nurses, hospitality staff, Dr`s and right up to the board themselves with training, then we would go public with the news.

To achieve this and keep in line with the dementia strategy we had to come up with something that kept all parties happy and that the staff was given the right training, reading materials, Videos and training course`s given by dementia leads within the hospital.

I can now announce that we / the hospital have achieved an incredible 92% and by the end of March we should be able to go ahead with media and TV announcements regarding this and announce to the World that Torbay general Acute Hospital will, in fact, become the first Purple Angel / Hospital in the world to achieve this!!!!


And worth waiting FOUR YEARS FOR.

The three other objectives were plans for a future conference (poss September) where the people with dementia BECOME THE TEACHERS, this entails people with dementia sitting at tables and sat with them will be Dr`s, Nurses, Consultants and carers who will ask questions of what its like to have dementia so the People with dementia can get their side of the story over to them.

I have only ever once been to a conference like this which was many many years ago and its still regarded at the best conference ever, so watch this space, please …………………..

We also chatted about helping those who are being discharged to source the right people and places as they leave hospital, (Work in progress)

More excitingly because the majority of staff are now more dementia aware than before i suggested that on each ward a nominee could be named as the first point of contact when it comes to anybody having dementia or cognitive impairment on the ward. They would wear a Purple Angel badge and be available on each shift of whatever wards is needed. if you think of a first aider on each shift at work, it would be that type of thing but with dementia, the GO TOO person so to speak for families.I have to say i am rather excited about this idea.

The other was the introduction of MP3s (Ashley John Sims) for those with dementia who are being difficult, disruptive, but also for those at End Of Life, the strategy for this has yet to be worked out.

So as you can see a very productive meeting and all this can be achieved anywhere in the world with just a bit of common sense, politeness and a willingness to work together to improve the lives of others

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Norrms Mc Namara

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