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The Lewy Body

The name “The Lewy Body Soldier” is something I was called a while ago by a very good friend who lives in the town of Blackburn which is very near my home town of Bolton (You know who you are LOL xxx) Its s very good way to explain things as you will see.

A soldier carries on and fights for what he thinks is right, he does his job no matter what and would risk all for family, Queen and country, never looking back, always forward and never giving up no matter what the odds were or how bad things got, always fighting, never retreating.

Sound familiar?? This applies to most people who have this awful disease, not just Lewy Body`s, but Dementia in General. We don’t want to fight this war, but we have too!! We don’t want to wake up each day knowing there is no end in sight to this daily battle and things will probably get worse before they get better, but we have too!! We don’t want to see our loved ones and friends worrying about us, day after day month after month but we have too!! That’s not counting all those family and friends who fight their own terrific battle keeping us well, fed, and looked after safe and well.

These last couple of days have been awful for my angel as one night a few days ago was particularly bad as my night terrors and hallucinations showed themselves all night long. The following few nights after, including last night have been all about me waking up screaming and shouting at someone, and Elaine, there as always , arms wrapped around me, rocking me gently until I realise I am only in bed and not stuck in the awful, horrific world I have just left!! I have started to see shadows behind me that make me jump both day and night, and worst of all calling after them as believe me they are very real to me.

Am I Stressed? NO, In my eyes stress is what you are when out on manoeuvres with a 30lb + pack on and being shot at by the Enemy

Please, if you do see me jumping, or turning around as though someone has just shouted me, give us a smile, a wave and think about this little Lewy Body Soldier just doing his duty!! Much love to you all.

Norrms, Elaine and family xxxxxxxxx

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