Within The darkness of my mind Posted June 27, 2015 by Norrms


Within the darkness of my mind

Within darkness of my mind, feeling so alone,
Trying to make sense of it, Shivering to the bone,
Its been 7 long years since dementia came, affecting all i do,
Slowly erasing the memories i have, Life style actions too,

I remember the day so very well, the Dr said to me,
” Dear sir you have Dementia, that is plain to see”
The scan has shown your brain cells, are slowly dying one by one,
It was at this point, i was sure, my life was all but done,

But then the fight within me, raised its voice on high,
It shouted “DO YOUR BEST DEMENTIA” i`m not prepared to die !!,
Since that day, we have walked tall, and fight each every day,
Praying that Dementia, never comes your way
Norrms, diagnosed with dementia 7 yrs ago aged just 50 and STILL fighting it !! xxxxxxxxxxxx



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